About Us

Since 1997 Peter Souhleris has focused on investing in New England, targeting the Massachusetts North Shore Real Estate area. Finding viable investment properties is our strength, buying and architecturally renovating properties is our excellence!

Our diverse experience in commercial and residential Real Estate allows Souhleris to develop and renovate a wide range of projects. Producing beautiful, high quality and functional space is our standard whether the project is an apartment building, storefront, restaurant, office building, single family or condo conversion; Souhleris consistently creates a beautiful end product.

Founder, Peter Souhleris has drawn from years of architectural, building and real estate experience to develop a reliable formula for success. Peter has assembled and coordinates a team of talented builders, architects, engineers and consultants to create some of the most sought after properties in the area. Peter and his team at Souhleris Architectural Development have restored and renovated over 50 units. By utilizing unique designs, ideas and material, as well as the development of distinctive sales and marketing techniques, Souhleris Architectural Development has been able to consistently separate itself from its’ competition.

Peter’s Profile:
After attending Wentworth Institute of Technology, Peter Souhleris worked for several architectural firms before beginning to develop his own projects in the late 1990’s. He is a condominium consultant for various area developers and the leading condominium and Real Estate consultant for Michael McCloskey Architects of Marblehead, Massachusetts. Recently, Peter served on the Board of Directors at the Community Credit Union of Lynn and was involved in several sub committees, including the Real Estate Future Branch Development. Souhleris is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Massachusetts.

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